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Perfect React Native App Kickstart 🚀!

Your All-in-One Solution for Building Outstanding React Native/Expo Apps. From editor setup to store submission, we've got you covered!


Latest Expo SDK + Dev Client

We utilize the most recent Expo SDK and React Native version, along with a custom development client feature, to guarantee that you can install any package and retain full control over your app.

VSCode setup

A complete list of recommended extensions, settings, and snippets for Visual Studio Code (VSCode) that enhance the developer experience and boost productivity.

TS + Eslint + Prettier + Husky

We use TypeScript, Eslint, Prettier, and Husky to ensure that your code is clean and consistent. No more worrying about code style or pushing bad code!

Fully Documented

We’ve included a comprehensive set of documentation to help you get started with your project and understand our choices and decisions.

Clean Project structure

We use Absolute imports, a clean project structure, and a modular approach to make your codebase more maintainable and scalable.

React Navigation

The latest version of React Navigation comes pre-installed and includes examples that demonstrate how to implement comprehensive navigation within your app.

Multiple environment builds support

Multiple app environments with a robust solution to manage and validate environment variables with Zod. It enables easy switching between different environments throughout the development and deployment processes.

Minimal UI kit with Tailwind CSS

We’ve included a minimal UI with most of the components you’ll need to get started with your project. It’s built using Tailwind CSS and is very easy to customize.

10+ GitHub workflows

From running type checks, tests, lint checks, and code formatting to generating a new app version, and building your app using EAS Build, already configured and ready to go!

Form and Keyboard Handling

We use React Hook Form for form management and Zod for validation, along with a set of inputs for your app. We also include keyboard handling to provide a seamless user experience.

Auth Flow

We have included a complete authentication flow based on Zustand as a state management library and react-native-mmkv as a secure and fast solution for storing tokens and other sensitive data.

React Query + Axios

We manage data fetching using React Query and Axios. These powerful libraries make it easy to fetch, cache, and update data in your React applications. We also include a set of VSCode snippets to make your life easier when creating queries and mutations.

Built with ❤️ byObytes

In addition to maintaining this starter kit, we provide expertise in custom projects and app development. If you’re looking for experienced and reliable developers to bring your app vision to life, reach out to us. Let’s discuss your project and explore how we can help you achieve your goals.

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