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Create a new App

Let’s create a new React Native project with Obytes starter.


First make sure you have the following tools installed on your machine:

Initializing a new project

First make sure you have pnpm installed on your machine, if not you can install it using the following command:

Terminal window
npm install -g pnpm

Start your project using create-obytes-app command:

Terminal window
npx create-obytes-app@latest MyApp

The command will create an expo app named MyApp and install all the dependencies added by the starter.

Open Project on VS Code

VS code is the recommended editor for this starter, The starter comes with a list of recommended extensions, settings and project snippets that we think will improve your coding experience.

Open the project on VS Code using the following command:

Terminal window
code .

When you open the project on VS Code you will see a popup asking you to install the recommended extensions, The easy way is to install all recommended extensions by clicking on Install All button.

To ensure that your code is properly validated and formatted, we highly recommend installing all of the recommended extensions. However, if you’re hesitant to install them all, we suggest at least installing the following extensions, as they are essential to our code validation and formatting on file save:

Here is the complete list of recommended extensions:

Running the app

If the installation was successful, the created app should be ready to use, and because we are using the expo custom dev client, you may launch the app on your simulator or device by running the following command:

Terminal window
# Run the app on iOS simulator
pnpm ios
# Run the app on Android simulator
pnpm android